Dog Collapses After Running 6 Miles In Heat, Owner Refuses To Give Him Water

Christopher Clark was minding his own business in Tamarac, Florida when he saw something very disturbing outside an insurance agency.

A man was jogging in front of his dog and suddenly his pup collapsed and fell on the sidewalk.

Despite the pup’s sheer exhaustion and inability to move, his owner refused to give him any water. Even worse, the man would not accept water from Christopher Clark and his brother.

Source: TamaracTalk/YouTube

Clark turned on his cell phone video camera and taped footage of the exhausted, dehydrated dog.

“Look at how old he is, I saw you dragging him [expletive] 10 yards,” Clark shouts at the man who would not allow the dog to have water.

According to one media report, the man was out for a six-mile run in 84-degree heat. The media source, Tamarac Talk, was able to contact the man, who said the dog was not “in the proper place” to receive water.

Clark promised the heartless owner he would post the video footage to social media. Clark says someone picked the man and his dog up and drove away.

Source: TamaracTalk/YouTube

Tamarac Talk reported the incident to the Broward Sheriff’s Office who did a wellness check and saw no state statute violations.

“You don’t just run your dog to death until he falls on the ground,” said Clark. “I have three dogs, and I don’t want people to treat dogs like that.”

Actual footage of the dog in distress can be seen in the video below. Please be advised there is foul language involved.

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