Collar Vs. Harness: Which Is Best For Your Dog?

To collar or not to collar? That is the question…

One of the most common questions dog owners have is “Which is better? Collars or harnesses?”

Recently, the trend and preference for many dog owners has been the harness. However, the real question they should be asking is “Which is better for My Dog?”

Just like people, dogs come in different shapes and sizes with varying needs and personalities. What works best for one dog may not be ideal for another. Choosing a collar or harness for walks depends on the individual needs of you and your pup.

It’s always a smart idea to be knowledgeable on all things related to dog health.

Move on to the next page to find out the pros and cons of both collars and harnesses so that you can compare between them to help you choose the best option for your pooch!

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