[Video] How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog's teeth may actually prevent some serious canine health problems.

In this video, Dr. Mike and his assistant Mandy demonstrate the proper technique for brushing your dog's teeth, how often you should brush your dog's teeth, and what are some other home care options to keep your dog's teeth healthy.

A lot of times, on a routine patient exam, clients ask them, “Do I really need to brush my pet's teeth?” Dr. Mike's answer is simple. Yes they do.

Gingivitis and tartar can advance to another stage called periodontal disease, or even form dental abscesses. This is important because these infections can actually spread systemically to other major organs, including the heart valves, the liver, and even the kidneys.

So it becomes very important that we learn to keep a routine management or monitor your pet's mouth.

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