Dancing Bulldog Is Unstoppable Once In The Groove To Wham’s Hit Song

Here's the hilarious video of Minnie the adorable two-year-old French-English bulldog cross watching George Michael sing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and dancing enthusiastically to the beat!

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Jeff's wife Lesley Keane, 42, and son Brian, 19, find that despite Minnie and Mollie's size difference, the duo are ‘inseparable'.

Jeff, who works in sales, said: ‘Everyone who knows Minnie thinks she is great. She even talks too. Sometimes when we come home she talks at us for ages, telling us she is not happy we've been out. She's very vocal.

‘People are enamoured with her. She is a total personality, she really is. She is part of our family – she's like one of our kids.

‘It's fantastic that so many people have now seen her dancing like this – it's really gone viral and everyone loves it. It's like she now has a fan club.

‘A few people have been saying it's epilepsy or that there is something wrong with her but she is happy and healthy and it's just a quirk she has. The vets said it is not epilepsy.

‘She's a really happy dog and she's a huge part of our family.'

…and just in case you also want to bust out your dance moves, here's the official music video for Wham!'s hit song, ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'! Enjoy~!!

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