Dancing Bulldog Is Unstoppable Once In The Groove To Wham’s Hit Song

This pooch certainly knows how to bust a move.

The adorable doggy was spotted boogieing to Wham's mega hit song, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” in front of the TV, bobbing her whole body to the rhythm of the music.

Jeff Wynne, 43, filmed the two-year-old French-English bulldog cross Minnie as she sat watching George Michael sing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and dancing enthusiastically to the beat.

The comical routine is a common occurrence and has left vets perplexed as Minnie is perfectly healthy – though she can't resist busting out the dance moves when she hears a song.

In the hilarious footage, Minnie dances so much that she begins to rotate until she is no longer facing the screen, before pausing momentarily when her bull mastiff ‘sister' Mollie comes over and then carries on.

Jeff, from Dublin, Ireland, said: ‘Often music will set her off doing this.. Something will come on the TV or the radio and she will just start going, sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes.

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