Diver doesn’t understand what seals wants — when he stretches out his hand, I can’t stop laughing

Encountering wildlife up close is always fascinating.

Just ask diver Gary Grayson, who encountered a gray seal in its natural habitat.

The seal didn’t seem the least bit afraid of Gary, and instead did something that makes me love wildlife even more.

It happened while Gary was diving near the Scilly Isles off the coast of southwest England. He spotted two gray seals. One seal was a bit shy, while the other didn’t seem to be afraid of Gary or his dive equipment at all.

The seal swam up to Gary and touched its nose to his.

The diver didn’t really understand what the curious seal wanted, so he stretched out his hand. The seal took hold of it and slowly pulled it to its stomach.

It turns out that the seal just wanted a little love—and a belly rub.

“It really shows how sweet, curious and dog-like seals are,” Ally McMillan, CEO of Seal Rescue Island, told the Huffington Post.

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a gray seal to brighten up a gray day!

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