Woman Heard Her Baby Screaming, Then Ran In To Witness The Most Endearing Moment

Growing up with a dog helps kids not only appreciate animals, but it also teaches them loyalty, compassion, and responsibility. Aside from that, it’s also adorable to see dogs and babies together!

Most dogs are very gentle with babies; it’s like they understand how fragile these little humans are. And in return, babies can be extremely entertained by dogs. This baby and dog duo know how to put a smile on people’s faces and snag their hearts!


Pumpkin, a seven-year-old Shetland Sheepdog, had been an only “child” for the first seven years of her life. When this family had their first human baby, they didn’t hesitate to allow Pumpkin to bond with him.

“Shelties are amazing family dogs and she’s been so good to our two kids since they joined our family,” Pumpkin’s owner said on YouTube.


One day, their mom heard the baby squealing with laughter, so she ran into the living room to see Pumpkin running around the baby. She could not control her laughter after witnessing this adorable moment and got out her camera to start filming.

In the video below, you’ll see Pumpkin dancing around the baby as he lets out the loudest belly laugh you’ll ever hear. The dog runs around, lies down and wags his tail over and over again around the baby, and he thinks it’s absolutely hysterical. This went on for over five minutes, and it is so heart-warming to watch!

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