Dad asks cockatoo if she loves him – the bird’s comeback is hilarious

When we think of getting a pet, the first thing that comes to our mind would likely be a cat or a dog. However, there are a lot of other animals, among which birds, that make great pets. Unlike most people, this owner chose to enrich his life by welcoming a cockatoo in it.

Pebble is a very special bird with a bubbly personality who enjoys spending quality time with his owner. The two have so much fun, that seeing them bonding fills our hearts with pleasant feelings of joy and puts a smile on our faces.

This time, the two best pals are sitting on a couch when Pebble’s owner asks his fellow friend whether he loves him, and the bird’s answer is nothing less than hilarious. This is definitely something worth checking out.

The video has been seen more than seven million times, which is equal to that much laughter.

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