Elderly couple refuses to ditch dogs during flash flood, even it means putting lives at risk

Extreme weather-related emergencies have been occurring around the world recently.

Texas and Louisiana have just been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. The Caribbean Islands and Florida are in the process of being hit by Hurricane Irma. Millions of acres of forest in Oregon and Montana have burned. Still, these extreme natural phenomena are not limited to the United States—countries throughout Southeast Asia are also experiencing some damage.

More specifically, citizens of Joso, Japan have been hit with incredible rain causing flooding and landslides.

Source: bbc.com via AP.com

As a result of heavy rainfall, the water levels in the nearby Kinugawa River rose and unleashed lots of water on Joso, just north of Tokyo.

As with all of these disasters, incredible stories of struggle and determination have emerged as well. As anyone who has experienced heavy flooding before can attest, getting animals out of these situations can be particularly tricky. In chaotic situations like these, animals can get confused and afraid which make rescue efforts difficult.

Still, one couple was unwilling to leave their two beloved dogs behind.

In news footage that has quickly gone viral, an unidentified couple can be seen huddled on a roof.

The entire area around their home is flooded with deep waters and rapid currents as a helicopter flies in to save them. Despite the high winds and the dangerous surroundings, a rescue worker gradually lowers himself down onto the roof where the couple is braving the storm.

As he approaches, he sees that the couple won’t make any moves without their dogs!

The pair insists that the rescuers bring the dogs with them as well.

Very carefully strapping one of the animals in a bag, the woman slowly makes her way safely up into the helicopter. The rescuer descends again to the man still camped out on the roof. He puts the other dog in a tote bag and they too set off together.

Miraculously, both the dogs and the couple make it safely back into the helicopter!

Needless to say, the footage of the rescue has spread across the internet.

Although the story is amazing for the bravery of both the rescuers and the couple who stuck it out on the rooftop, the loyalty to the animals is truly touching peoples’ hearts. Anyone who has had a close bond with a pet knows how loyal and loving these companions can be.

Obviously, the couple in this video knew too!

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