Dog Hears Her Favorite Song “Wiggle Wiggle”, And She Just Can’t Control Herself

What would we do without the lovely dogs that take our breath away and amaze us with their intelligence and all the love they have to give every single day. Besides all this, they are fun and fill our days with laughter. Those who have never owned one will never know what devotion and loyalty look like.

Take a look at this doggie for example. He simply enjoys dancing. But, what’s really interesting is that he has a favorite song, “Wiggle”, by Jason Derulo.

Zoey has a dancing routine that comes with the song. At the beginning of the song, she warms up by lightly tapping her paws and shaking her butt.

Just as her favorite part begins, and the line “You know what to do with that big fat butt” kicks in, so do her amazing dance moves! She gets her butt into the picture and starts wiggling it right on tune! How cute!

It’s sort of amazing what dogs can really do.They have feelings, and even favorite music. They are lovely creatures that make our life better. As for Zoey, we can’t wait to see other performances like this.

Make sure you watch the video below.

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