Puppy Caught Trying To Fill Pool, Her Clumsy Efforts Deserve Standing Ovation

Dog lovers can’t deny this one simple truth: Dogs. Are. Adorable. Dog lovers also can’t deny that puppies are clumsy and curious which makes them that much cuter.

One dog, a six-month-old Lab puppy named Maddie, is so adorably clever that she will win your heart in under 60 seconds. She has decided that it’s too hot outside not to go for a swim. Her human, Charlie Ogard, isn’t moving fast enough for her liking and she is taking matters into her own paws.

Maddie grabs the hose, pulls it toward her kiddie pool and tries to fill it up. What may be a simple process for some is anything but for Maddie. Wrangling the hose is like wrangling a live snake. She gets into the pool and pulls the hose in every direction, trying to do what dad does. Why is it so easy for him? Hmmmfffff.

This precious 37-second video is worth repeating and sharing with everyone. I bet this would even convert a non-dog lover. Wait, do those even exist?

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