Dog Jumps Out Of Moving Vehicle On I-70, Tumbles Around As Cars Go Speeding By

Mike Kannely was driving home through Colorado’s Interstate-70, when he witnessed one of the most unbelievable things.

He saw a tiny white-furred dog dangerously peeping out of the window of a moving car. Within seconds, the dog tumbled out of the window and fell on to the busy highway.

Source: Denver7 – The Denver Channel/Youtube

In this dash cam video recorded by Mike’s pickup truck, we see the poor dog struggling to get up on the freeway.

He has clearly injured his leg on impact, and can be seen limping around looking for his owner.

Thankfully, several moving cars stop in their lanes to prevent injuring the dog further, while the dog’s owner pulls up and rushes out to grab his dog.

Source: Denver7 – The Denver Channel/Youtube

While the condition of the dog’s injuries is unknown, this video is a wake-up call for all the owners who travel with their dogs.

Vets claim that hundreds of dogs get injured or die each year due to similar accidents, which can be completely avoided if the owners roll up their car windows.

Source: Denver7 – The Denver Channel/Youtube

If owners are unwilling to keep their car windows rolled up, vets recommend using safety products like travel harnesses and restraints that help secure dogs while travelling.

We must never forget that dogs ultimately depend on us for good decisions, and it is our job to make sure our pets are safe while traveling.

Click the video below to watch how this dog made it out alive after tumbling out of the car window on a highway.

h/t: Denver7

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