Dog Photoshoot With Sunflowers Goes Hilariously Wrong When The Dogs Realize How Tasty Flowers Are


With the dog obviously more interested in playing, and Fenis, the tallest out of the bunch far more interested in eating the sunflowers rather than posing with them.

Things quickly went sideways…


The dogs were more interested in playing around and munching on sunflowers than striking a nice pose


It was a ‘fail’, however, Ciszyńska insists that sometimes that exactly what makes a good shot

“The key to a good photoshoot is having your dogs trained to stay when you need a portrait, but also knowing when to relax and just have fun in any surroundings.”


Despite the ‘failed’ shoot the family had fun and Ciszyńska posted the candid pictures on Facebook. Surprisingly, the pictures were met with a flood of likes and shares, with many finding them hilarious.

“To be honest, we didn’t expect them to bring so much joy to others. And as it turned out, people loved the result—may be in such hard times, a good laugh is what everybody needs,” she said.

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