Dog Makes A Unique Friend In The Ocean, Swims Out To Meet Him Everyday

A friend is someone who we can always rely on and never fails to have fun with us. This dog sure knew what being a good friend meant.

One day when BBC’s Countryfile was filming the Tory Island, they captured something we can only call the most beautiful friendship.


While capturing the beautiful oceanfront, we see in the clip, a Labrador racing towards the ocean. He jumps in and swims towards his friend – a dolphin! How cool is that!

At first people were surprised, but they were soon won over by this unique duo and their amazing friendship.


According to the video, the Labrador belongs to a hotel nearby and his ocean friend is named Dougie the dolphin. Dougie is a local in these waters and this dog goes every day to play with Dougie, who in turn loves the dog’s company!

You can see the fun time these two have together in the video below.

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