5 Proven Ways Your Dog Saves Your Life Every Day

Dogs are popular pets for good reason. They are selfless, loyal creatures who often put their owner’s needs ahead of their own. Our dogs are also our protectors. They will put their lives on the line to protect the ones they love most. But did you know that your dog is saving your life every single day? YUP!

Here are 5 proven ways your dog is improving your daily living:

1. Dogs Lower Blood Pressure

Dogs are almost always happy. Their good mood and calming vibes are wonderful for stressed-out owners. They remind us to take a deep breath and relax. Scientific studies show that pets actually help lower blood pressure, making them actual life-savers.

2. Dogs Improve Your Mood

Ever have a bad day then feel remarkably better after hanging out with your dog? That’s because your dog boosts serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals in your brain responsible for mood. Being with your dog lifts you up, releasing more of the good chemicals in your body.

3. Dogs Improve Your Immune System

Shocking to know but that stinky dog breath can actually improve your health. In spite of the myth that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, their mouths are quite germy. However, their germs can actually be good for you. Being exposed to germs that aren’t already in our body’s can strengthen our immune system and help protect us against potential illness in the future.

4. Dogs Can Assist With Complex Health Issues

Dogs don’t just help us get through tough days, they can also provide support for serious health conditions. Seeing eye dogs keep their blind owners safe. Service dogs that help with seizures and diabetes help alert their owners when help is needed. Many individuals with service dogs will tell you that their lives literally depend on their dogs. And that their dogs never let them down!

5. Dogs Get You Out Of The House

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut where we don’t want to leave the house. A day in can turn into days, then weeks, and before we know it, we’ve become way too comfortable in our PJ’s, glued to our favorite chair. Our dogs remind us to get out, go for a nice walk, play a round of fetch in the yard. Fresh air and a healthy amount of sunshine improve our overall health.

If you agree that dogs save our lives, then share this with friends and family so they get the message too! DOGS RULE!

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