Man Dedicates His Life To Saving Dying Animals, Is Named “The Angel Of Animals”

Wilson Martins Coutinho of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a man on a mission. He dedicates his days to saving dying animals who have no one to look after them. He picks them up from streets and garbage-dumps, and gives them a second chance at life.


YouTube/oderfliW Film


In this video, we see Wilson’s selfless heart shine on in a series of rescues. He has an eye for locating animals rotting away in unattended corners. A lot of people would keep their distance at the sight of some of these maggots-infested animals, but not Wilson.

Wilson often takes the shirt off his own back to cover these suffering animals. He holds them close, pacifies them with his warm cuddles, and assures them that they will be cared for. The dedicated Wilson lives quite the minimalistic life, as he forgoes his own comforts to look after the dying animals.


YouTube/oderfliW Film


It is no wonder that Wilson is being hailed as “The angel of animals” by the people. We are in tears as we watch this heart-touching video. By helping these poor beings who can’t speak, Wilson has shown us that love is indeed a universal language!

Check out the video below to watch Wilson’s continuous, dedicated efforts to help the suffering animals get another chance at life.

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