Dogs And Mom Start Their Walk When The Chickens, Ducks, And Goats Come Along

Life on a farm and/or out in the country is just a little different. It’s way easier to connect to nature in a big way, even during normal daily activities.

Walking the pooch isn’t even the same. With big, open areas to explore and no one else around, there’s more freedom and room for other animal friends to tag along! 🙂

Source: Scofflaw Farm/YouTube

In the video below, you’ll see Mom and her beautiful dogs starting off a walk when the chickens decide they want to come along also.

And it’s not long before you hear the quacking of the ducks, and there they come! And last but not least, the goats come running to bring up the rear!

Source: Scofflaw Farm/YouTube

What a diverse and unique group out and about for a walk together! And it all escalated so quickly! You have to love it. 🙂

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