Dolphin In Distress Swims Up To Diver, Trusts Him And Asks For His Urgent Help

A dolphin’s brain is very complex, which gives them a good measure of social intelligence and awareness.

Keller Laros, a Scuba Diver in Hawaii, got a taste of this rare intelligence when he encountered a Bottlenose dolphin in distress.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

In this video, we see the dolphin swim up to Keller. Keller was initially confused, but he soon noticed that the dolphin was unable to swim seamlessly.

She was helplessly tangled in a fishing line, and the hook had become painfully embedded in the dolphin’s body.

The dolphin knew that her only chance of survival was to ask for Keller’s help.

In an incredible exchange between a man and a dolphin, we see the dolphin completely place her trust on Keller, as she patiently waits while Keller approaches her to help.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

In a display of her intelligence, the dolphin positions herself in a way that Keller is able to free her with scissors, without any hassle.

We are overwhelmed at the dolphin’s unmistakable trust in humans, and we hope that we are able to honor this trust and protect them from all harms.

Click the video below to watch Keller rescue the intelligent dolphin from trouble!

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