Dog Sees Statue That Looks Just Like Him And It Completely “Freaks Him Out”

Dogs might be the sweetest and friendliest furry companions, but their intellect is not to be trifled with!

The yellow Labrador (named Duke) in this hilarious clip was super upbeat thinking Mom has brought home a new playmate for him. But when he discovered the “true colors” of the shady playmate, he totally lost his marbles!

Mom actually bought a life-size dog statue that looked just like Duke. She placed it beside her bed and called Duke over to introduce him to his “puppy sibling”.

Duke came running and went straight in to inspect the “puppy” out of excitement. But the moment he closed in and sniffed the statue, his eyes filled with horror.

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

Duke immediately knew the monstrosity in front of him was no real puppy, but an imposter with no live skin and bones.

He stepped back and examined the creepy motionless demeanor of the statue, only to lose his utter sanity at the lifeless statue staring back at him.

The longer that he observed, the more he freaked out – until he darted back toward the door out of pure panic!

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

Duke was at his wit’s end as he hid behind the door and tried to bark the villain away. Mom was giggling away in amusement at Duke’s confused face, and she kept trying to tell him it was okay.

The haunted dog was proper offended when Mom bluntly teased him to “say hi” to his new buddy!

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

From the looks of it, we don’t think this paranoid dog is ever going to accept a fake frozen stone-solid figurine in his territory, let alone treat him like a playmate!

The statue’s uncanny similarity to him automatically makes it an “opponent” planning to invade his home, and that’s never happening on his watch! Watch this laugh riot with your volume up!

Click the video below to watch the dog going epic crazy at the sight of the creepy statue that resembles him!

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