Giant Dog Forgets Her Own Size And Goes Straight For The Newborn Baby’s Face

Alaskan Malamutes Phil and Niko, and a Maine Coon cat named Milo, were collectively excited ever since they realized Mom was pregnant. They would constantly hang out with her to comfort her and dote over her baby bump.

However, Mom would always irrationally overthink the consequences of introducing her furry trio to her yet-to-be-born baby.

The mom kept thinking about things like would her pets suddenly become jealous of the newborn baby, would they be gentle with the baby, would they take to her, etc.

In a stroke of genius, the parents started introducing the pack to the baby’s smell first by bringing home her blanket so the animals could smell the baby’s smell and get familiar with it – and it worked like a charm!

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Then, it was finally time to bring the baby home! In this video we see Phil, Niko and Milo’s individual first meetings with their newborn baby sister, and each is adorable in its own way!

Phil, being the eldest, is the first to greet the baby. Dad supervises him to prevent his giant physique from harming the child, and Phil understands he has to be super gentle while kissing and nuzzling his little sister.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

When it’s Nico’s turn to say hello to her wee sibling, she already seems super aware of the baby’s fragility. She takes it slow and wags her bushy tail to get closer to the baby.

She softly caresses the baby’s paw and watches over her like the sweetest guardian angel! The way she looks at Dad afterwards just melted our hearts!

If you think Milo the cat would be equally mushy on his first meet with the baby, you are in for a hilarious sight!

The quirky feline is absolutely freaked out as he freezes at a distance from the baby. He does manage to get close to her eventually, only to panic and cop out for good! What a goof!

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

We love how the parents planned such a systematic method to introduce their baby to their pets. The is one large and happy human-animal family and it just got a little bit happier!

This baby is going to have a blast growing up with such a colorful band of furry siblings!

Click the video below to watch Phil, Niko and Milo’s unique first meetings with their baby sister!

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