Dog’s Family Were In A Car Crash 13 Days Ago, But Dog Still Waits At Crash Site

Kathy Wilkes-Myers runs the “Love Me Tender” rescue in central Tennessee. One day was rattled to find an emaciated Rottweiler, Ella, drinking from a drainage ditch beside a deserted stretch of freeway.

Kathy initially thought Ella was an abandoned dog, but the dog’s strange demeanor forced her to look further into the matter.

Source: CBS/YouTube

Kathy brought Ella to the rescue and returned to the spot where she had found the dog. Her instincts proved to be right, as the entire area was littered with personal wreckage gathered by Ella.

Kathy found random things like toothbrush, comb, razor, a candle etched with “Michelle”. But when she discovered broken glass and tail lights, she recalled something utterly disturbing.

Just 2 weeks before, a nasty car crash had occurred on this very site. As Kathy investigated the crash, she discovered that one of the crash victims was “Michelle”!

Ella had spent 13 days on that freeway, salvaging the belongings of her family and desperately praying for their return!

Source: CBS/YouTube

Kathy eventually tracked down Ella’s family, who had thankfully survived the crash. The family had assumed that Ella was dead, as the dog was nowhere near the site when the cops arrived.

But thanks to Kathy’s Good Samaritan endeavor, Ella finally had a reunion with her family!

Source: CBS/YouTube

Sadly, there’s a bittersweet catch to this story. To cope with the crash-related medical expenses, Ella’s family has relocated to a cheaper place that doesn’t allow dogs.

Kathy will now be holding on to Ella till her family gets back on their feet. We are honestly bowled over by Kathy’s exemplary kindness.

Click the video below to watch how Kathy’s detective work led to Ella reuniting with her family.

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