Pit Bull Wakes Mom Up With Odd Grumble And Leads Her To Unconscious Son

One night while the family was sleeping, Ember sat next to Tre’s mother’s bed and starting grumbling.

When his mother, Tracy, woke up, she was confused by this odd sound that Ember was making, but she knew something was wrong. She immediately got up and Ember led her into the bathroom.

Source: Local12/Youtube

That’s when she saw Tre’s legs hanging over the side of the tub. Half of his body was out and the other half was in the tub with his head fully extended back. Tre happened to fall into the tub during a seizure.

Tracy called 911 and medics rushed him to the hospital where he received immediate medical attention. Thankfully, Tre was okay, but he may not have been if it weren’t for his best friend Ember.

Source: Local12/Youtube

The Daniels family, along with Adore-A-Bull, is so proud of Ember and how fast she acted to save Tre’s life. They hope this story will help end the negative stigma that surrounds Pit Bulls.

They also hope that more people spay and neuter so there are fewer Pit Bulls who are abandoned and eventually euthanized.

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