Fox Literally Goes “HEHEHE” Whenever He Get Pets From His Favorite Human

Located in the scenic Lakeville, Minnesota, “Saveafox Corporation” is a domestic fox sanctuary that focuses on rehabilitating and finding homes for captive bred wildlife.

The sweet video below has been shared by the sanctuary, and it captures the innocent and bubbly personalities of 2 of their permanent fox residents, Finnegan and Dixie Doo.

Source: SaveAFox/YouTube

In the beginning of this clip, we see a sanctuary worker visiting the enclosure of Finnegan and Dixie Doo (who happen to be best friends).

Upon spotting their favorite handler from afar, both the foxes go wild with happiness and line up at the gates like excited little toddlers. They can barely contain their joy as the handler enters their enclosure to play with them!

Source: SaveAFox/YouTube

Both Finnegan and Dixie Doo instinctively flop to the ground as they take turns to get their share of belly rubs from their human.

Little Dixie even perches atop the worker’s head and scampers around her shoulder for some warm cuddles. What a darling pair of cuties!

Source: SaveAFox/YouTube

Keep your volumes up throughout this video as you CANNOT MISS the foxes’ ecstatic giggles! Those reverberating “HEHEHE’s” are certainly one of the most incredible things we’ve ever heard.

We had no idea foxes can be such huge affection enthusiasts once they feel comfortable, happy and protected in their habitat!

Click the video below to watch the foxes Finnegan and Dixie Doo showering their handler with their overflowing love and “HEHEHE’s”!

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