Depressed Dog Seeks Out Friendship, Finds It In The Most Unusual Of Creatures

One dominating theme that we’ve observed in many inter-species friendships is the recognition of pain. Be it physical distress or mental anguish, when one animal sees another’s suffering, they most likely don’t turn a blind eye.

Source: THE MAGNUM/YouTube

Many of the loyal friendships in the video below were forged when the animals were going through a low point in their lives – and that speaks volumes about the basic sense of morality these creatures share.

From unusual bonds in the wild to the innocent care and affection offered by domesticated animals, it’s unbelievable how sincere they are toward their bonded companions.

Source: THE MAGNUM/YouTube

For instance, it was hard to wrap our heads around the exceptionally strong friendship between the snake and the hamster. Despite being the predator, the snake refuses to eat the hamster and makes the wee rodent a permanent part of his life!

Source: THE MAGNUM/YouTube

Another noteworthy aspect is how dogs are so kind and accepting toward just about any troubled animal. Be it an elephant, owl, deer, fox, rat, lamb or a chimp, dogs follow the universal language of love with utmost devotion!

We wish us humans could put aside our petty differences and support one another through thick and thin, just like these champion animals!

Click the video below to watch the sacred inter-species friendship between various animals!

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