Dog Isn’t In Mood To Play Right Now, So Bird Literally Starts “Barking” At Him

The creature barking away in this video is not a dog, but actually a little birdie, who is determined to get a reaction out of her passive German Shepherd buddy. However, she fails at it spectacularly!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

Being adept at mimicking voices, it was a piece of cake for the bird to copy the dog’s barks accurately. The talkative birdie was hoping this would help her strike up a good conversation with the dog, but she had no such luck.

The German Shepherd was completely unimpressed at the bird’s synthetic barks, and that prompted him to retire to his doggie bed with a sullen look on his face!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

In this video, we see the bird barking her lungs out as she literally begs the dog for attention. She paces around him and even climbs on his bed, but he keeps his poker face intact and refuses to engage with her.

We honestly have no clue if he is bored, annoyed, offended, or just tired – but the way he ignores the barking bird is plain hilarious!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

We do feel sorry for the frustrated bird as she walks away after getting the cold shoulder from the dog. Perhaps, the dog was contemplating over the range of replies he could “chirp” back to the bird?!

Do keep your volumes up before you watch this hilarious video!!

Click the video below to watch how the bird started “barking” at the dog one day!!

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