German Shepherd puppies are hyperactive. Mom’s brilliant solution tires them in adorable fashion

Being a mother means making sure your little ones are always well fed and nicely entertained. And although you want them to have all the fun in the world, it’s also a good trick into tiring them so that they could sleep better.

All the moms out there, no matter if they are humans or animals, know how challenging it is to answer of all your kids’ requests. Being around them all the time can be really exhausting, so having them to take some rest means you can have rest yourself.

But how do you make a little kid or a puppy take a nap when they are full of energy and all they want to do is explore their surrounding and run around. Well, probably by making them run around even more, until they are out of stamina.


This German Shepard is a mommy of rowdy and overly energetic puppies.

She is well aware that she has to go above and beyond her ingeniousness and come up with fun ways of making her fur babies tired.

Being out in the open grassy field is the perfect place for spending a beautiful day and hanging out with her sweet babies. She starts running and the little ones chase her.

Afterwards, they all run around in circles and bond together. It’s lovely how they try to catch their loving mummy but their short legs are giving them hard time keeping up with her.

The owner can stop giggling as he is trying to hold his camera straight. He just has to have this lovely family interaction on tape.


After some time, mommy Shepherd decides to stop and gathers her babies around her, but it’s obvious they are still full of energy so she starts running again, and as she expects, they follow.


At the end of the video, the owner says how the puppies are already tired and they are probably taking a long nap after this beautiful day spent outside. Their mommy will get to rest herself as well. It was a great bonding they all enjoyed a lot.

Oh, we’d love to be part of their game of chasing in the open field. That would be a dream come true 🙂

Now that's what I call fast food! 😉

A smart German Shepherd mama plays with (and wears out) her puppies. <3 Video by Lauren Skinner

Posted by The German Shepherd Dog Community on Thursday, January 22, 2015

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