German Shepherd’s Unsure Of The Sprinkler Until The Baby Shows Her The Way

Like many dogs, this German Shepherd is a little unsure of water other than for drinking purposes.

Especially when that water is coming out of something so fast that it makes a strange hissing noise!

What is a dog to think?

But her human baby brother is here to show her that it’s okay. And not just okay, but actually fun to play in!

The dog’s afraid of the water, but the baby points at it and walks over and sticks his hand in it. That’s when the German Shepherd knows it’s harmless.

Now interested and curious, the dog can’t help but try it for herself!

And once she gets a taste, it’s on! The dog goes berserk running around to the different sprinklers catching the water in her mouth and playing in it.

It seems the baby has helped unleash the playful beast within his pup! Mom can’t stop laughing.

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