Golden Retriever puppy completely LOSES IT when he meets a baby goat

We are all prone to moments when our emotions get the better of us! Whether your agree and you react or your happy about something and you just go completely wild with excitement.

When the four-month-old golden retriever you can see in the pictures and video at the botom is first introduced to his new baby brother! a four-day-old goat, at first he tried his best to stay calm, try as he may, he can’t hold it in and he goes completelty nuts.

“Okay, play it cool.. Hi nice to meet you I’m called Winter, Whats your name?”

“OMG OMG OMG, I’ve always wanted a baby brother AHHHHHHH!”

Once you’ve watch the video below I think you’ll agree, this is just the sweetest thing ever! Do let us know what you think in the coments, we always love hearing from you at Happiest!

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Best friends in the making ❤️Jim Dever's nephew took this adorable video. FULL CLIP: Courtesy Jim Dever KING 5 Evening & KING 5 Evening

Posted by KING 5 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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