Teddy Runs To The Dryer And Starts Barking, Then Mom Peeks Inside And Instantly Calls 911

Do you believe dogs have a sixth sense? Pet lovers often believe their furry friends are capable of sensing something is wrong, even when their owners don’t notice.

It’s not necessarily about sight, sound, or any of the other normal senses; it’s as if dogs have a mysterious ability to spot danger. And if their owners are the ones who are in danger, that dog is bound to react.

In this case, if it weren’t for a little dog named Teddy, one family in Northern Ireland would be shocked and grieving right now.

One day, Gillian was doing the laundry. A simple task, a normal day. But minutes later, Teddy ran to the dryer and started barking like crazy. Then he began to run up and down the stairs, barking and growling.

Gillian was confused. But she figured it must have something to do with the dryer that she’d just started, so she went over to take a peek.

And when she opened the door, she was stunned:

There was Riley, her 5-year-old son, a boy afflicted with Down’s Syndrome who had clambered into the tumble dryer without his mom noticing.

Gillian managed to get a badly bruised Riley out and though he had to take a trip to the hospital, he was very much alive.

As father Aaron told Belfast Live:

Riley would be dead if it wasn’t for our dog Teddy.

She saved his life and we can never repay her.

Riley suffered bruises and burns but after a brief visit to the doctor, it was confirmed the boy would indeed recover nicely.

Teddy the dog saves the day!

And this heroic dog is making a habit of saving the lives of his owners, too:

Just a few months before this happened, Teddy alerted the family to a mobile phone charger that was starting to burn.

What CAN’T this faithful canine do?

Added Aaron:

She’s one in a million. Gillian and I bought her two years ago as a family pet and we all just love her.

Without her we’d be in a terrible mess right now.

First she prevented our house going on fire and then on Sunday she literally saved Riley’s life.

This is one dog that deserves a little extra something at meal time, and maybe a special hero collar, too.

Source: NTD TV

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