Heart-Stopping Video Shows Dog Save Tiny Puppy From Deadly Collision Course

While you watch this video, you may forget to breathe. We know we almost did! It’s a short security video of a family of pups playing in the snow with their dad.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

An unknowing dog-mom gets into her car, unaware of the dogs’ close proximity. Even with today’s amazing technology, a car’s camera that comes on when the car is in reverse, will likely miss what this dog owner missed too.

The tiniest pup in the pack, who looks to weigh a mere few pounds, slowly walks across the driveway. He, also unknowing the danger, is heading to the same spot the SUV is reversing into.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

While we are sure nothing is intentional and no harm was meant to come to the animals, it seems both human owners were totally unaware of what was about to happen.

But one very smart, very stealthy creature saw the potential tragedy play out and put a stop to it in the most stunning few seconds you will ever witness.

The Border Collie ran, like a lightning bolt, straight for the tiny puppy, grabbed ahold of him by the nape and ran him to safety. It’s incredible. It’s heroic. It’s another reason to LOVE dogs.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

No more yammering on, just press play below to witness something truly AMAZING!

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