Homeless Collie Found Shivering And Scared In A Railroad Yard, Then Rescuers Notice 1 Heartbreaking Detail…

When an animal isn’t properly cared for, it shows. And sometimes, the lack of care is more obvious – and egregious – than most.

That’s why rescuers were heartbroken when they found a stray collie wandering through a lonely railroad yard in Chicago.

The dog had obviously been abandoned because when the good people of the Trio Animal Foundation saw the collie, the poor thing could barely walk.

And why? Because the collie’s hair was so severely matted it was becoming impossible for the animal to deal with.

The rescuers fittingly dubbed the collie Freight, given the surroundings where they found him, and brought him back to their animal-saving HQ.

They were just shocked at the horrific condition of his fur. They couldn’t even tell what gender the collie was at first!

As the organization said in a Facebook post:

It took shaving the pup’s bottom down to be able to figure out if we were dealing with a male or female dog. The burrs, dried feces, urine, twigs, dirt, etc., that were matted into the tangled fur made it impossible to see any anatomy.

Once they got the hair off, they also realized the poor thing was suffering from internal parasites as well, including heartworm.

But they successfully treated Freight for those infections and then put him up for adoption.

And it didn’t take long. Just a few days later, a nice couple showed up and offered to be the new foster family for the rejuvenated Freight.

And everyone, including the once-homeless canine, is overjoyed.

They are so in love with Freight and just couldn’t bear parting with him. By the look of Freight’s adoption photo, he couldn’t be prouder or happier.

And that’s what we call the perfect Happy Ending! 🙂

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