Clever Husky Refuses To Leave Park – Dad Finally Outsmarts Him

Any parent knows that it can be a hassle to get your kid to leave the park when they’re having fun, and it turns out that the same is true for people with fur babies.

Take this guy for instance.

All he wanted to do was take his adorable Husky, Dakota, to the park. They went, they played, they sniffed. Eventually though, it was time to go.

This pup was not having it!

Dakota was clearly having way too much fun to leave. After all, he didn’t even get to explore everywhere and play with everyone yet! When his dad told him it was time to go, he threw a bit of a tantrum.

While we feel for this guy trying to get his dog to leave, we also have to admit that it’s pretty adorable. Dakota refuses to get up off of the ground no matter how much his owner pleads with him.

“Come on, bud. It’s time to go,” he says. Dakota’s response? Avoid eye-contact and continue to roll around. He’s really trying his hardest to keep the fun going!

This has clearly happened before as Dakota’s owner laughingly tells his adorable pooch “We’re not doing this again.” Sorry, but according to Dakota, it looks like you are doing this again!

We can’t stop laughing at this video! Even Dakota’s whining is adorable as he pleads with his parents for just a little more time in the park. We mean, it does look like it was a pretty nice day out, so can you blame him?

We can’t help but wonder what Dakota’s game plan was here. He clearly can’t make a run for it. Is he trying to play dead? What’s he looking to achieve by rolling around? Does he really think his dad is going to give in that easily?

While his tactics aren’t clear, his cuteness sure is. You can’t help but laugh along with his owner as he tries over and over again to get Dakota up off the grass and en route home.

Dakota put up a good fight, but in the end, his parents finally got him to leave the park. But let’s just say that how they got him to go probably wasn’t their most ideal situation.

You have to watch the video all of the way to the end to see how they finally outsmarted their stubborn pup into leaving the park.

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