Man returns unused pet food after his pet dies, but their reply leaves him in tears

Bailey the dog was sick and had been on prescription food for a while. Bailey’s dad, Joseph, would always keep his darling dog’s special food in stock.

However, her condition worsened and Bailey had to be put down, leaving John brokenhearted and inconsolable.

Source: Joseph Inabnet/Facebook

During his grieving period, Joseph noticed the $70 worth of unused bags of dog food in his pantry. He immediately contacted the online pet store,, to return the food and request a refund.

The charitable pet store asked him to donate the unused food to a local shelter and refunded back the amount to him without any hassles.’s initial act was already overflowing with kindness, but the pet store wasn’t done yet. Just days later, Joseph received a delivery of an oil painting of Bailey, painted by pet artist Sharon LaVoie Lamb at the request of the pet store!

Source: Joseph Inabnet/Facebook

Joseph was barely able to hold back his tears when he found the note attached to the painting.  The handwritten note expressed the Chewy family’s condolences for Joseph’s loss, something which left Joseph in tears during his mourning.

Source: Joseph Inabnet/Facebook

Joseph was overwhelmed to receive the emotional memorabilia from Chewy and decided to share their selfless act on social media.

With over 134,000 likes and 75,000 shares on the post, animal lovers wholeheartedly extended their support to for their constant devotion towards pets and their families!

We are truly delighted when companies go above and beyond for their customers and treat them like family. Thank you Chewy!

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