With A Gesture From His Handler, K9 Runs To Car And Impresses Cops With Trick

While police officers work hard to keep the areas they patrol as safe as possible, some have furry helpers who are oftentimes not given enough credit.

K9s are dogs who go through training programs with their police handler to first learn proper obedience so the dogs can help protect and guard without causing disruptions. Once they complete obedience training, they move on to learn a multitude of duties depending on what their role will be in the police force.

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Some K9s are trained to be search dogs who specialize in finding drugs, looking for explosives or lost people, and discovering crime scenes. There are also security patrol dogs who stay alongside their handler while protecting the premises for any threats.

While K9s seem tough and vicious, they are really just like any other dog. At the end of a long hard day of work, they still go home with their handler and cuddle up in bed and get showered with love and treats.

Many of these K9s learn awesome tricks. The trick the K9 in the video below performs is sure to put a smile on your face. With just one gesture from his handler, this K9 immediately runs toward the patrol car. He is able to open up the car door with his mouth, hops in, and then uses the rope to close the door on his own. What a good boy! I’m sure this trick is just one of many that this intelligent K9 can do!

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