Rescue Puppy Meets His New Big Brother And Refuses To Leave His Side

Ever since Beau met Tuck, the two of them were not only new doggy brothers, but instant best friends.

Wherever Tuck is, you can find Beau’s giant furry body close by, and the majority of the time, with his big paws wrapped around him.


Beau may be way bigger than Tuck, but it wasn’t always that way. When the two of them first met, Beau was just a tiny puppy, about the same size as Tuck. While his size may have changed, his love for his big brother did not.

Their owner, Katie Becattini was hesitant to get another dog because she didn’t know how Tuck would react since he was very attached to her.


But when Becattini and her boyfriend visited a pet expo in Oaks, Pennsylvania, they fell in love with a Great Pyrenees puppy who was in need of a home. They decided to adopt him and introduce him to Tuck.

Much to their surprise, the two of them bonded immediately. Beau latched right onto Tuck, and Tuck didn’t mind it one bit.


Beau would follow Tuck everywhere he went, and Becattini’s fears of getting a second dog quickly faded. From that moment on, the two of them were inseparable and enjoyed cuddling up together.


Today, Beau is more than 50 pounds heavier than Tuck, but Tuck still doesn’t mind Beau hanging all over him. They will be the best of friends forever!

See more adorable photos of Tuck and Beau on their Instagram page.

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