Man’s Walking His Dog When A Tiny Kitten Decides To Follow Them Home

Jon Nienaber takes his Basset Hound on regular walks through his Cleveland neighborhood that contains a large quantity of feral cats.

So seeing a homeless cat while out and about is nothing out of the ordinary, but one day something else happened.

While walking the dog, a tiny kitten came out of nowhere and decided to follow along. Jon’s wife, Leslie, recorded as the kitty tagged along. The little fellow had decided to go home with them!

The kitten tried playing with the dog as he followed them down the street. They fell in love with the little guy, but the Nienabers already had three cats to go along with their dog.

They just couldn’t take on a new one. But they couldn’t leave the kitten on the street either. Surely, he wouldn’t survive out there on his own.

Fortunately, Leslie’s sister, Sarah, was more than willing to take the kitten in! Little Pinot was cleaned and fed and taken to a vet for a checkup.

Leslie continued to visit Little Pinot as he grew up in her sister’s care. He turned into a healthy and happy cat and took on the hobby of watching and chasing birds in the window. 🙂

The cat has the loving forever home he’s always wanted, and it’s all because he decided to follow some people home one day.

The lesson to be learned here: chase after what you truly want in life and don’t give up until you get it! 😉

Photo credits: Leslie Nienaber
h/t Love Meow

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