Workers Warned To Leave Discarded Puppies In Landfill, Savior Risked Their Revenge

Imagine how scared these two tiny puppies must’ve been! They were tied up inside a giant food bag then dumped in a landfill.

What would possess anyone to do this? Why not bring them to an animal shelter? How heartless can you be?!

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

You can hardly see them as they sit amongst the rubbish. Discarded like trash, they are just two innocent babies!

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

But these two little guys have a guardian angel. By sheer grace, a man driving through town got lost. He stopped at the landfill to ask for directions.

He could hear puppies crying and asked the landfill workers, who were sorting trash, if the cries were coming from the house nearby.

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

The workers explained that there were two tiny puppies who were dumped in the landfill. But why would the workers just leave them there?

The workers explained that their hands were tied.

After doing some research, it appears that animals are dumped like this by people who can harm the workers and they are too frightened to intervene.

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

The man questions them some more and the workers say that they cannot care for the dogs. The man says he will take them.

He’s pretty disgusted that someone could callously leave the puppies there but he’s happy he stopped to ask for directions. It was meant to be!

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

He carries the puppies out of the rubbish. He cuts them out of the bag and leaves the landfill with them in tow.

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

Bye Bye, mean landfill!

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

The puppies get their first good meal in who knows how long. They are starving!

Source: Love Animal World/Youtube

Whatever possesses anyone to do this to innocent lives, we will never understand. We are just happy they were saved.

This story is a reminder that we cannot sit by idly while others suffer.

To watch the rescue story unfold, check out the video below.

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