Big Dog Really Wants Dad To Give Him A Treat… And Won’t Take No For An Answer!

Dogs have many lovable qualities, but their subtlety isn’t one of them. As coy or clever as our canines sometimes think they’re being, their motives are almost always transparent, especially when it comes to something like getting a treat!

Just take a look at Sir Dethan. When this big landseer Newfoundland feels like having a little snack, he makes sure his dad gets the message loud and clear!

Sir Dethan is a 5-year-old landseer Newfoundland with a very distinct low, rumbling bark.


He “talks” to his dad often — especially when there’s something he wants!


He’s always leading his dad to the pantry with one thing on his mind…


…and Sir Dethan knows just how to get what he wants!

Sir Dethan’s not very subtle when he wants a treat, but he sure is cute about letting his dad know!

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