Puppy Proudly Flashes A Smile After Getting A Tooth Pulled Out By The Dentist

Loni the puppy was having a hard time dealing with a nasty toothache. But all her problems were taken care of during her visit to the doggie dentist.

The brave girl was super composed as she got the concerned tooth pulled out, and that put an end to her nagging dental issues!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

In this ridiculously adorable video, we see Loni’s heart-melting reaction after being done with her eventful dentist appointment. Despite enduring the tricky procedure, Loni is relieved to be pain-free finally.

She proudly nestles herself beside Mom to get her share of hugs and cuddles for being a good girl throughout the rough day.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

With a playful sympathetic tone, Mom pets her furry baby as she asks her, “Did you get a tooth pulled? Let me see.” 

Loni instantly bats her eyelid in affirmation and breaks into the widest teeth-baring smile to show her pearly whites to Mom.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Mom is so amused by Loni’s endearing obedience and childlike impulses that she asks her to let her see those teeth again.

Sweet Loni happily obliges and repeats her grinning gesture to put her teeth out on full display for her Mom and the camera. What a sweetie!!

Click the video below to watch Loni proudly flashing her toothy smile to Mom after the dentist visit!

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