This Is The World’s Laziest Bulldog, And The World Is Falling In Love With Him

Part of the charm of an English Bulldog is that they look so tough, but can be the laziest couch potatoes ever!

Luca is an adorable Bulldog with a similar attitude in life, and this has turned him into an internet sensation.


Luca’s mom often captures him napping in different positions throughout the day, and shares these pictures with his dedicated fans on his Instagram page.

In this video, we see him looking ridiculously handsome as he goes about his day doing nothing!

So, how does a lazy baby like Luca deal with something as basic as hunger? Well, he has a wonderful solution for that.

Without moving a muscle, he just barks incessantly every time he sniffs something delicious, and demands Mom to bring him his share!


However, it would be unfair to call Luca completely inactive. He does indulge in some ‘physically strenuous’ activities from time to time, like tearing cardboard boxes and sunbathing on the front porch!


On some rare days, Luca even finds the will to stand on his hind legs and sniff some treats on the counter.

But mostly, he is just a wrinkly blob of cuteness, lazily napping everywhere with his tongue sticking out! Luca, we envy you so much right now!

Click the video below to watch the adorable Luca being an adorable lazy baby!

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