Orphan Fawn Thinks Bear-Scaring Dog Is His Mom, Follows Him Around Like A Puppy

Mishka, a Karelian Bear dog, is a specially trained wildlife assistance dog, known for his ability to frighten bears.

Together with his handler, Mishka keeps track of bears’ transition before they are released back into the wild.

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One day, Mishka found a lonely, orphaned fawn, desperately looking for his mother. As the wildlife officer, Bruce Richards, took the fawn along in their car, the confused fawn started thinking that Mishka is his mom, and starts nuzzling at him.

But all his life, the tough-as-nails Mishka had only known one thing – scaring bears so that they become uncomfortable around people.

However, Mishka’s toughness melts away quickly, as the fawn starts cuddling with him. Soon, Mishka returns his affections with big, gentle kisses.

Source: all the world/YouTube

After that, the fawn just wouldn’t stop following Mishka around, just like a puppy. Mishka, too, steps up to take good care of the little fawn, like a perfect foster parent!

Source: all the world/YouTube

Despite having to act tough and mean on a daily basis, Mishka has so much kindness and love to give. This video beautifully captures Mishka’s kind and gentle heart!

Click the video below to watch how the tiny fawn found his way into Mishka’s heart!

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