Circus Starves Lion Cub To Keep Him “Stunted & Cute”, Then Set Out To Kill Him

Magnus the lion cub was born in the captivity of a Spanish circus and separated from his mother at birth.

The owner transferred him to a cage and he became the circus’ major tourist attraction.

Magnus’ social media pictures were an instant hit, and the circus owner became obsessed with preserving the cub’s “small and cute” stature for as long as possible, so they put the cub on a horrendous diet.

Source: ViktorLarkhill/Youtube

The owner put Magnus on an extreme diet consisting of just bread mixed with yogurt. He was fed just enough to keep him breathing, but this abusive diet soon took a toll on his health.

His esophagus shrank due to the unnatural food given to him, and Magnus lost his ability to swallow or digest normal food.

The circus owner realized that they couldn’t exploit Magnus for profit anymore, so they dropped him at the vet and paid for his euthanization.

But the vet felt really sorry for the innocent cub, and decided to call a rescue group and inform them about Magnus’ plight.

Source: ViktorLarkhill/Youtube

In this video, we see the vet attempting a challenging surgery to enlarge Magnus’ esophagus.

This invasive procedure takes hours of patience and skill on part of the vet, but it is a success thanks to their incredible team effort!

Source: ViktorLarkhill/Youtube

Magnus is recovering under expert care now. His overall muscular and bone health has also taken a hit, and he has months of rehabilitation ahead of him.

We thank this extraordinary group of people who rescued him and gave him a second chance at life. Magnus’ story once again reminds us why we must never support any circus that exploits animals.

Click the video below to watch Magnus’ disturbing story of abuse and his recovery after surgery!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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