Man Told His Friends About Horse’s Odd Ritual But Nobody Believed Him Until Now

Animals are very different from people, but in many ways, they are just like us. Some people love to swim and some don’t, just like animals.

For one particular horse, however, he not only loves to swim, but he finds a cool refreshing dip in his owner’s pool a great way to spend the day.

Source: Youtube

When the horse’s owner told his pals that his horse loves to swim and bask in his pool, nobody believed him. So the guy did what any true animal lover would do: he shot video of his horse in action in his swimming pool.

At first, the horse appears to soak up the relaxing moment, but then he shows off his swimming skills. He looks so beautiful as he glides through the water.

Source: Youtube

Once the beautiful equine gets to the end of the pool, he contemplates his next move. Perhaps he is wondering if he should try the doggy paddle?!

Apparently, he had enough swimming for the day, as he makes his way to the pool’s edge. With style and grace, he hops out of the pool and onto dry land.

Source: Youtube

Kudos on this horse’s epic swimming skills! His owner must be awfully proud. Watch the impressive video below.

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