Zoo-Keeper Tries To Grab A Lion Cub, But No One Expected The Lioness’ Next Move

A lioness can be one intimidating mother while protecting her cubs. But for South African zoo-keeper and animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, hanging out with his favorite lioness and her cubs is just a happy and mellow family time!




In this beautiful video, we see Kevin spending quality time with a ferocious lion and her cubs. The lion cuddles and kisses Kevin, just like a loyal pet. Kevin is not the least bit nervous as he pets the giant creature with extreme ease.

We had our hearts racing like crazy when Kevin made his way to the cubs. We were pleasantly surprised to see the mother let Kevin babysit her precious little babies without a drop of worry or concern!




We are filled with wonder at the sight of this beautiful bond of love and trust between Kevin and the lioness. Seeing them all cuddled up towards the end of the video just stole our hearts!

Check out the video to watch the heartwarming bond of trust between a human and a mighty beast!

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