Thousands Of Monkeys Go On A Rampage Because They Didn’t Get Enough Yogurt

A lot of Asian countries have massive troops of monkeys inhabiting their cities. The monkeys operate in groups as they scavenge for food and have very strict self-set rules when it comes to ethics and community conduct.

The mind-blowing video below is from Lopburi, Thailand, and it captures the rare consequences that follow when monkeys break their sacred code.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

In this video, we see an enormous monkey stampede that pervades across roadways and brings the traffic to a standstill.

As explained by locals, the root cause of this chaos was a heated dispute between the 3 monkey troops that inhabit the area.

On the day of this fight, one of the troops sneakily amassed more yogurt than the rest, prompting the other 2 troops to retaliate.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

At first, the 2 attacking troops ganged up to confront the third troop. Being outnumbered, the third troop fled the scene.

But 3 hours later, they returned to the area – having enlisted the help of backup monkey squads from the rest of the city!

Mayhem ensued as the monkeys literally waged a war on the streets to get even, leaving the onlookers frozen in their spots!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

The gigantic monkey troops eventually drifted apart after resolving the matter, almost like they had come to an amicable agreement about adhering to boundaries.

We must admit, the way these intelligent monkeys function as a society (or strategize warfare) is uncannily similar to us humans! We are primate cousins after all!

Click the video below to watch the territorial monkey troops rioting on the streets as they fight for their side and share of food.

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