Sick Stray Played In Traffic So Directionless In This Cruel World

An ill and emaciated street dog was afraid of everyone and terrified of touch, and all too often she stayed out near the busy road not knowing where else to go.

Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited would show up for rescue, but they would have to figure out how to capture her first. A nice neighbor helped to keep her away from the traffic in the meantime.

Source: Animal Aid/YouTube

The only option was to capture her with a net, so they did what was needed for a safe rescue. They quickly transported her back to the animal hospital and started treatment for her mange right away.

The dog still didn’t trust humans and wouldn’t even eat with them around. So they left her alone to fill that belly! 🙂

Source: Animal Aid/YouTube

After lots of care, comfort, and medicated baths, the sweet girl started her transformation. For days, she was afraid of love and would still hide in the corner when anyone tried to pet her.

But under all of that fear was the sweetest dog named Mousey! Take a look at her today in the video below. 🙂

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