Dad Picks Up Bulldog And Throws Him, But Bulldog Makes Most Of The Situation

Mudd the Bulldog is the darling of his family. One day, Dad decided to let Mudd have some trampoline fun, and the result was just hilarious!

As it turns out, Mudd’s acrobatic skills come into full display as he tries to work his way around the trampoline.

Source: stormy050607/YouTube

In this video, Dad ‘throws’ Mudd on the trampoline. Mudd is instantly at home on the trampoline.

He is quick to figure out the physics of the bouncy surface as he springs around on the trampoline for the first time.

Mudd is so happy with his new playground that he mischievously flashes a broad smile to his dad!

Mudd quickly ups the level of fun by thrusting himself in the air with backflips, side-flips and somersaults.

He barks and yelps in pleasure as he tries to cartwheel himself on the trampoline in every possible angle!

Source: stormy050607/YouTube

It’s no wonder that Mudd’s fun-filled trampoline adventure has taken the internet by storm!

People can’t stop gushing about Mudd’s infectious, goofy personality and his creative acrobatic skills. He sure knows how to have a good time!

Click the video below to watch Mudd’s hilarious trampoline antics!

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