Oakley Is Sleeping In The Car When His Favorite Song Plays Over The Radio

Oakley the Australian Shepherd loves his car rides. And when he goes on one, he likes to catch up on his beauty sleep in the back.

The dog’s a hard sleeper and can sleep through pretty much anything, even the radio — unless it’s his favorite song that starts playing over the speakers. 😀

Source: Brittany Maroney/YouTube

The pup is sleeping as usual when all of a sudden “Let It Go” from the Frozen soundtrack comes on the radio. His eyes open right away, and his ears go back with excitement!

Source: Brittany Maroney/YouTube

Then come the head tilts. It’s not long before Oakley starts singing along with his favorite song in the whole wide world. And he’s got quite the voice! I could listen all day. 😀

Source: Brittany Maroney/YouTube

When the song ends, the pup stops singing along. Oakley actually recognizes the song and all of its parts! So incredibly cute.

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