Neglected 7-Year-Old Great Pyrenees Gets Rescued From Barn – And An Epic Haircut!

Great Pyrenees usually have thick coats, thus the need for grooming!

Meet Lazarus, a 7-year-old Pyrenean mountain dog, who had lived seven years of his life in filth, feces, and an overgrown 35-pound coat of fur.

He was rescued from a lone barn located in Tennessee, United States. Jean Harrison, owner of the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, stated that the dog’s owner was suffering from a mental illness, which prompted him to call on a family member for help.

The relative notified the rescue team, in which soon volunteers were dispatched to Lazarus’ aid. The team included two groomers, who helped the poor pooch shed his massive lump of dead fur.

Lazarus had no muscle mass, and thus was unable to move around due to his ungroomed fur coat.

After many hours of grooming him, the dog was reluctant to approach and receive pets from his rescuers at first, but soon warmed up to their touch. Despite being plagued by several health issues due to many years of neglect, Lazarus has since slowly adjusted to his new life as a normal and happier dog.

The pooch currently resides in a foster home located all the way in Virginia, where he continues to receive medical care and tons of TLC to help him heal. Lazarus, known for his sweet personality, will be up for adoption once he regains his physical strength and complete trust in humanity.

Watch the haircut happen in the video below!

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