Dog Found Locked In A Cage With Nothing Near A Carpool Pickup Area

At a carpool pickup area in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands, some people noticed a cage off to the side near the woods with an animal inside.

It was a dog, all alone with no food or water. The police were contacted, and they arrived as fast as they could to the dog waiting on someone to help her.

Politie Nieuwegein/Facebook

The dog seemed friendly, so the officers freed her from the cage. She was so happy to be saved and ran around to thank everyone who helped! Despite what she had just been through, she had nothing but love for people.

The dog was taken to a vet where they determined she was a 2-year-old Shepherd mix with no microchip. Someone clearly intended to abandon the sweet dog, for whatever reason.

Politie Nieuwegein/Facebook

Nieuwegein police department took to Facebook to say that they have received several tips on which they are investigating. The dog is currently at a shelter where they are trying to find her the perfect forever home.

“We understand an emotional response to this message and we also reject the owner’s action, which is why we would like to find them,” the police stated.

h/t – The Dodo

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